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Artists, Actresses & Models are always being talked even if it is about their hair, wardrobe, movies or companionships. Stars are regularly in the spotlight and their every movement is being viewed. The best thing is that a lot of the artists, actresses & models are classy, so they are awesome to look at.  The ladies of Hollywood most likely have the most stress in trying to look pretty every moment. There are those several chicks that totally stay looking amazing does not matter where they head out too. The women on this Top 5 list are of all ages and a mixture of performers, movie actresses and models. They are also in no special ordering.

1. Kristen Stewart

2. Kate Beckinsale

3. Adriana Lima

4. Denise Richards

5. Kathleen Robertson

As always there are tons of girl artists, actresses & models that would make this Top 5 list, but these are absolutely our most liked by far. These famous people have proven themselves in this business and have absolutely made it known that they will be in around for years to come. Do not forget these famous people are gifted and hard working daily.